– On the day that you’re tattooed, take the cling film off when you get home. Then take a bath or a shower.

– When you remove the first lot of cling film, wash the tattoo thoroughly. Make sure you completely get rid of the excess blood/ink/plasma which will form a thick scab otherwise. Clean the tattoo with hot soapy water.

– Dab dry carefully with a towel,and let the tattoo dry out properly for a couple of hours before applying cream.

– Apply a plain non-scented moisturiser (e.g. Bach rescue cream, Bepanthen cream or E45), stay away from overly medicated creams (e.g. Savlon) or oily creams (e.g. Vaseline). Save money on expensive tattoo specific creams – this is not necessary.

– Apply the cream VERY sparingly. Too much cream traps germs and leads to infections.

– After a day, a light scab should form. Don’t pick or scratch. To relieve itching, tap gently if necessary!

– Sun is very bad during the healing process and bad for tattoos in general. Do not go on a Sun-bed or go in a Sauna during healing time.

– NEVER allow a pet to lick a healing tattoo.

– The average healing time is 7 – 14 days, although this varies from person to person depending on your immune system.

– If you have any concerns, call me for advice, and don’t listen to the advice of well-meaning friends, especially if it conflicts with my advice!