Gareth Miller, tattooing for over 13 years, has gained an excellent reputation for his technical abilities as a tattooist. Gareth is well known for turning his hand to all styles and having the ability to execute them well and has developed an extensive client base. With up to a 4 month waiting list at most times, his clients have included Leeds United footballers, musicians and reality TV stars.

After studying fine art at university in Leeds and Bradford, Gareth undertook a traditional tattoo apprenticeship in Leeds, and during this period went on a pilgrimage to San Francisco, where he met renowned tattooists Ed Hardy, Grime, Chris Conn and Theo Mindell.

Gareth has gained experience and knowledge not only in tattooing but in the running of successful tattoo shops and the client care that goes hand in hand with this, working in collaboration with his clients to help them realise their design, producing a timeless piece of body art.