Based at Leeds tattoo studio Snake and Tiger, Gareth Miller has been tattooing for over 13 years. Specialising in dotwork, traditional Japanese styles and custom designs, Gareth has gained a reputation for being one of the best tattooists in the region. Looking for a tattoo in Leeds? Get in touch today to book your consultation.

Alternatively you can visit Gareth in-store by dropping in to Snake and Tiger. Located in Thornton’s Arcade at the top of Briggate, it’s a great space to learn more about Gareth’s craft and discuss your next piece of body art.

After studying Fine Art at university in Leeds and Bradford, Gareth undertook a traditional tattoo apprenticeship in Leeds. Following this, Gareth travelled to San Francisco, where he met renowned tattooists Ed Hardy, Grime, Chris Conn and Theo Mindell and these renowned artists continue to influence his work.

Over the past decade, Gareth has gained an excellent reputation for his technical abilities as a tattooist. He is well known for turning his hand to all styles across a wide and varied client base, working with musicians, TV stars and professional footballers throughout the UK.

In addition his comprehensive knowledge of tattooing and tattoo culture, Gareth has also gained experience in the running of successful tattoo shops. This makes him an expert in client care, working in collaboration with his customers to help them realise their design before producing a timeless piece of body art. This can be done in one session, or split across several bookings.

For more information on Gareth’s style or his co-owned Leeds tattoo studio, explore the links available on this page. Alternatively, you can check out Gareth’s work right here on his portfolio site, or via his personal Instagram account @garethmillertattoo.